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dream grip

of uninvited fantasy.

This heavy chest,

a muted scream.

I live here-

in suspended time.

I hear now-

unseen intruders.

They feel their way

in the dark,

in this pit

of gravity resistance.

Bathed in blue light,  lying down on a silver mylar bed, covered by a silver mylar blanket.  She has halved Ping-Pong balls over her eyes.  She is wearing a head-set microphone and singing wirelessly into an amplifier.  She sings so effortlessly and impassively that the viewer could be unsure from where exactly the sound source is coming.  She is somniloquent.  She is restless. She casts off her blanket and rises.  She wanders about the space.  She has never stopped singing.  She mixes among the audience.  She is still singing. She strays beyond the signal of her headset microphone.  Her voice crackles in and out from the amplifier. She is gone.  There is only static.

Part 1 Performed at Lighthole in Baltimore, MD as part of the “Pits” performance series, curated by Victor F. De M. Torres, April, 2016.  


Part 2 Performed at Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn as part of Performancy Forum, curated by Esther Neff, May, 2017.   

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