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We are life partners and collaborative, interdisciplinary artists. Our wide-ranging multi-layered body of work includes video, sound, animation, performance, photography, installation, and sculpture. Our projects take on many different forms to explore various histories, and a multitude of contemporary issues, such as our relationship to technology and the environment, while navigating ontologies of humanity, spirituality and identity.

Our works are often ritualistic, durational, lyrical, and experiential. Whether filming performance actions in natural environments, composing 3-d animations, forming immersive environments, creating interactive media performances, or sculpting metal objects that present new ways of viewing the moving image, we are concerned with the many facets of human perception; how we experience, process and interact with the world. To this end, we use experimental, avant-garde strategies in order to present alternative ways of seeing and being.

We received our MFAs from Brooklyn College, where we attended the Performance and Interactive Media Arts Program as a collaborative duo. In 2012, we founded John Cage Memorial Park, an artist residency project on 4 ½ acres of family land in the fishing village of Chance, Maryland. We also co-founded and curated W.O.R.K., an alternative community art space on the Downtown Plaza in Salisbury, MD. from 2012-2018. Our work has been presented both nationally and internationally in festivals, private and non-profit galleries, established and DIY performance venues.


David is currently Associate Professor and Area Head of New Media Art at Salisbury University, and Tara is Gallery Director and Curator for the Kohl Gallery at Washington College in Chestertown, MD.