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SIGHTsite|HEARhere   site specific performance installation

SIGHTsite|HEARhere is a serial project of immersive, audio/visual performances that combine audio/video field recordings of historically and culturally relevant locations with original music compositions and large scale, real-time video projections. Performances are created out of material collected by the artists at regional sites familiar to the audience, establishing a connection between the insider - viewer/native and outsider - artist/visitor. Digital, real-time transformation of familiar material in the live performance setting creates a new perspective in which a now “shared familiar” becomes unfamiliar through processes that mediatize, re-contextualize, ultimately re-vision original material and expectations.  In this way, insider and outsider are united in a shared field of new experience. The result is a poetic, cinematic journey, a reflection on the nature of relationship, perception, time, place, and memory.

Images from projects in Brattleboro, VT and Las Cruces, NM

Video created and used for live performance during SSHH New Mexico at White Sands National Monument.

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