INSECURE/UNSECURE (TRANSMISSIONS 001-----)   online video series 

INSECURE/UNSECURE is part of our TRANSMISSIONS project.  TRANSMISSIONS is an ongoing multimedia project that explores how signals are transmitted, received, processed, and decoded. It is a poetic investigation that explores questions such as, “What is being transmitted and how is it received? Who or what is transmitting and who or what is receiving? Why and how are signals being transmitted? Are these signals visible and detectable, or are they invisible and affecting us subliminally? Do these signals have meaning or should they be ignored? How/Can we receive signals telepathically?"


At a time when screens have become our primary sources of visual information, the INSECURE/UNSECURE video series explores themes of the real and the mediatized, the organic and artificial, it blurs the lines between physical and virtual space. It ruminates on both unsecure data issues and our insecurity as a species at this time in history. It interrogates our use of technology in everyday life and asks the question: Will this data still be around when we are gone?  It imagines a future where all we are left with are digital documents of what was once real. Ultimately, the project presents as a collection of digital fossils, imagined as lonely artifacts unearthed at a time in the future.


The TRANSMISSIONS project continues to grow and has various experimental iterations, including live performance, installation, and a vinyl record release. 

© 2020 C. Tara & David Gladden

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