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BLUE HOLE, SUNKEN CATHEDRAL   3-d animated film with sound


Blue Hole, Sunken Cathedral is visual music that ruminates on what art critic, Robert Hughes, calls "the future that was."  We are dreaming back to the Bauhaus, to Suprematism, and to the concept of the fourth dimension.  The ruins of the Cathedral of the Future lie hidden, untouched, collapsed deep in underwater caves.  We have undertaken an archeological dive to search for clues of the disaster.  We swim around the twisted metal and broken glass. Somewhere in the wreckage could be the keys to the lost utopian dream: the spiritual transformed into the mechanical. The crystal cathedral reached for the heavens but fell into the sea.  Cosmic space and brilliant light give way to dark caverns and lunar silver. Clarity is replaced by cloudiness. Transparencies turn into reflections. We explore tunnels, seeking for the innermost temple.  We travel back through time and space to re-visualize the fourth dimension.

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